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Computer Systems Nightmares


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Computer Systems Nightmares
Our company history shows all of our menacing behavior to customers and all affiliates since we first came into business. We promise a great service and most customers whine when they can't get what they want. We pride ourselves in bringing a rotten service which can surpass all others in support stupidity.

Our Famous Networks
You've seen plenty of troubled computer systems, but we're on the top of the totem pole when it comes to hairy networking troubles. We have senile products and services that put everybody to shame. Once our techs have had their hands on your mindless network, you won't know your behind from your elbows.

Foolish Telemarketing Group
To make sure that all of your phone lines are tied up, we employ inept telemarketers to constantly call you with our weekly specials. You'll wish you'd died as a child once you get your first call from our people. Our callers are enough to make a billy goat puke, and that's no silly line from a movie.

After sinking thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours into your computer system. All we can say is that our support staff will make you put up with:
Phone troubles
Management's idiotic solutions
Defective equipment
Brain dead control freaks
Just one call gives you more hate than you could ever handle in a year. You'll want to eat your phone after talking to our people, GUARANTEED!

MBM Value Ultra Services .... WE SUCK!