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Our History

In 1965, Ernest Wallace Bart, of San Fernando got sick of searching for junk in large heaps and piles near his home. He’d frequently try to dig up any salvaged goods ‘n’ garbage from dump sites.

Starting in the front room of a nearby crack house, Ernest provided hardware service on older style IBM mainframe parts for fools who were crazy enough to employ his services. In 1966, he moved his operation out of the abandoned crack house and moved to a death trap which was abandoned by the previous owners.

In 1968, he noticed that crime was getting so high in his area that he’d become a victim of it more than he’d expected. He blew all of his mommy ‘n’ daddy’s money on a huge melon warehouse that he eventually renovated for computer repair facilities. In 1970, he was assassinated by MBM Value’s current owner and operator. That’s how MBM Value currently operates, those wishing to get promotions must kill off the person who is in the desired position.

Since MBM Value was then founded, we’ve made it our goal to provide useless tech support and false advertising to boot. We’ve added custom software, laptop repairs, on site services, hypocricy, bureaucracy and stupidity MBM Value is committed to incompetent and valueless support of our equipment and customers that are with us for the long haul. We have excellent accounts with all gullible customers and those who are not tax cheats.
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